Writer Bryan Q. Miller talks about his Kickstarter project EARTHWARD, a new all-ages space adventure that needs your support. We also discuss when good TV gets cancelled, 80s cartoons, the new possible Wonder Woman casting, and MARVEL NOW's all-female X-Men team. Hosted by Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler).

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Kiri Callaghan (@KiriCallaghan) joins Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) once again to give her reviews on several Marvel Now books. Included are thoughts on "Morbius, the Living Vampire," "Avengers," and "Avengers Assmble." Yeah, we heard about "Avengers Assemble" before, but it's so good, we needed to spread the love. Only minor spoilers are discussed.

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Nicole Wakelin joins us to discuss DOCTOR WHO: THE SNOWMEN, as well as her reactions to the new MARVEL NOW books AVENGERS ARENA and AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. Minor spoilers concerning the premise of the comics and reactions to main characters in the stories. No major plot revelations. Hosted by Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler)

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