Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) chats with editor-in-chief Morgan Davies (@MLDavies) and writer Natalie Wilkinson (@CausingFevers) about Big Bang Press (@BB_Press), a kickstarter project intending to publish new works from online fan-fiction authors.

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Nicole Wakelin joins Alan Kistler for this special extra episode to discuss "THE NIGHT OF THE DOCTOR," the prologue mini-episode leading up to the 50th Anniversary of DOCTOR WHO.

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Jill Pantozzi (@JillPantozzi) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) discuss the upcoming DOCTOR WHO 50th anniversary, DC shows such as GREEN ARROW and HOURMAN, Marvel's new deal with Netflix, and then a spoilery discussion of THOR: THE DARK WORLD.

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Kristin Hackett of the SyFy Channel's Fangasm joins Alan Kistler to discuss Comikaze and NYCC. The conversation ends with a spoilery discussion concerning the ending of Dexter.

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Kiri Callaghan (@KiriCallaghan) of GEEK & SUNDRY and WIT & WHIMSY joins Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) for a special spoilery review episode. During the FOREVER EVIL crossover event of DC Entertainment, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have been given new origins. How do they hold up?

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Jill Pantozzi (@JillPantozzi) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) are back for a new season! This episode, they discuss Ben Affleck as Batman, James Spader as Ultron, the show HEROES OF COSPLAY and a fishnet-focused one-shot comic.

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After a hiatus, Jill Pantozzi (@JillPantozzi) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) are back to discuss San Diego Comic-Con International, the Trask Industries website for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, Zack Snyder's announcement for a SUPERMAN/BATMAN movie, the Flash back on TV, and a non-spoiler review of THE WOLVERINE.

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Robert Downey Jr is sticking around as Iron Man. Wonder Woman and Superman have a new series about their love life. And how was MAN OF STEEL? Hosted by Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler).

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Producer/actor Teal Sherer (@TealSherer) talks about the KICKSTARTER for MY GIMPY LIFE SEASON 2. Geoff Johns leaves as writer of GREEN LANTERN. Feminist Frequency discusses women tropes in video games. What if DOCTOR WHO starred American women? Helen Mirren explodes. Hosted by Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler).

AMBER BENSON (actor, author, film maker) joins us for another interview to talk about BLOOD KISS, a vampire noir film on KICKSTARTER, starring her and Neil Gaiman, created by acclaimed writer Michael Reaves. Afterward, we discuss STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS, the DOCTOR WHO Season 7 finale, and the reveal of the Xbox One. Hosted by Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler).