Writer Bryan Q. Miller (@BryanQMiller) joins us to discuss his work on the TV series Smallville, the Batgirl comic book series that featured Stephanie Brown (AKA Spoiler) in the role, and his new work on the digital-first Smallville "Season 11" comic series. Fun discussions involving writing challenges and story evolution abound. Hosted by Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler). Remember to e-mail fun dating anecdotes & questions and please donate via paypal if you like our show!

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The AVENGERS movie only for adults. The truth behind the delay of G.I. JOE: RETALIATION. More information and thoughts concerning the new companion on DOCTOR WHO. And a follow-up from a previous listener who needed dating advice. All this and more, hosted by Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler).

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Dr. Travis Langley chats about his upcoming book Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight. Is Batman broken or damaged? What's the news on an Incredible Hulk TV show? How might the Avengers movie provide a model for Justice League film? All this and more with hosts Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler).

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