Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) reports on C2E2! Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) discusses a real life sonic screwdriver! The Situation has a comic book! More shake-ups at DC Comics! And a listener asks about cosplay concerns!

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So Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) has yet another book on the shelves! She and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) chat up the DC Animated universe, possibilities for IRON MAN 3 and AVENGERS Phase 2, the new NATIONAL COMICS, and finally some dating advice on where to go on a first date!

Writer/producer/actor Amber Benson (Death's Daughter, Ghosts of Albion, Chance, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) joins Jill Pantozzi (@TheNerdyBird) and Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler) for a talk about superhero movies, women in geekdom, her favorite bad word, and her new book How to be Death. Join us! Follow @Amber_Benson on Twitter! And look for Alan at C2E2 this weekend at the Keep Your Pants On panel!

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We have an interview with the creators of! Jane Espenson returns, this time with Brad Bell AKA "Cheeks" in tow! How can you help Husbands the Series? What can we expect from Season 2? What is Cheeks' favorite word? Who is the ghost haunting Jane Espenson? FIND OUT! Hosted by Alan Kistler (@SizzlerKistler)

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